As the name suggests, a Shareholders Agreement is a written agreement between shareholders that governs the relationship between them. Whilst the Corporations Act does not require a company to have a Shareholders Agreement, it is a beneficial document for setting out the rules that the shareholders need to play by. Ideally, a Shareholders Agreement should be prepared at the start of a business venture, when all parties are enthusiastic about

WHAT IS THE PUBLIC INTEREST TEST? In June 2016, the review of the Liquor Licensing Act 1997 was completed and 129 recommendations were presented to the Attorney General. One key recommendation, which has been substantially accepted by the South Australian Government, is the replacement of the needs test with a Community Impact and Public Interest Test to apply to certain high risk categories of licence. The needs test has been

WHAT HAPPENS TO YOUR ONLINE PRESENCE WHEN YOU DIE? How many of you now have one or more of these: Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? Linkedin? PayPal? Email? Frequent Flyer points? Credit card reward points? Online bank accounts? Email? As most individuals would have at least some sort of online presence or would “own” “digital assets”, have you considered what will happen to these “assets” after your death? Do any of these