Will the breakdown of your de facto relationship affect your estate planning? If you consider yourself to be in a de facto relationship, what implications does this have for your estate planning? Many people have a misconception that de facto spouses do not have rights similar to those of a married spouse. However, in Western Australia, de facto spouses do have, if not precisely the same rights, then similar rights

Butts Out from 1 July From 1 July 2016, the new outdoor smoking ban comes into effect across South Australia.  Smoking will be banned in all outdoor dining areas, however, patrons will still be allowed to smoke in outdoor drinking areas, so long as no food is served. Businesses must display signs alerting customers to the ban or face a $1,250 fine, while people caught smoking in the area could

Sunday Extended Trading Permits  Currently the Liquor Control Act 1988 (WA) does not authorise non-metropolitan liquor stores to trade on a Sunday, as a result, many country communities have to travel long distances in order to obtain packaged liquor. Currently the Perth metropolitan area extends from Two Rocks (just north of Yanchep) to Singleton (just south of Rockingham) to the The Lakes (just east of Mundaring). A licensee can, however,